TouchRetouch Mod APK + Premium Unlocked Download

TouchRetouch Information
Name TouchRetouch
Developed by TouchRetouch
Version v5.0
Languages Multilingual
Requirements Android 8.0 and up
Category photos Editor
MOD Features Full Unlocked
Setup File Size 45.43 MB
Release Date Jul 07, 2023

What is TouchRetouch APK?

TouchRetouch is a popular mobile photo editing application that allows users to remove unwanted objects or blemishes from their photos with just a few taps. The TouchRetouch Mod APK is designed to provide a simple and intuitive way to enhance your images by seamlessly removing any distractions or imperfections. TouchRetouch supports both iOS and Android platforms, making it widely accessible to smartphone users.

TouchRetouch Unlocked included, you can easily remove objects like telephone wires, power lines, street signs, blemishes, scratches, or any other unwanted elements that may be present in your photos. It offers various tools and features to aid in the editing process. The TouchRetouch Mod APK includes a lasso tool that allows you to precisely select the object you want to remove, a brush tool for fine-tuning and refining edits, and a clone stamp tool for duplicating or copying areas of the image to cover up the removed object.

The app uses advanced algorithms to analyze the surrounding pixels and intelligently fill in the removed area, creating a seamless result. This feature is particularly useful for removing photobombers, power lines, signs, or any other distractions that may detract from the main subject of the photo. TouchRetouch Mod APK provides users with powerful editing tools specifically designed for eliminating objects, blemishes, and imperfections from images.

More information on TouchRetouch Mod APK:

TouchRetouch Premium Unlocked provides a user-friendly interface with simple and intuitive controls. Users can zoom in and out of their photos for precise editing and undo any changes if they are not satisfied with the results. TouchRetouch supports high-resolution images, ensuring that the edited photos retain their quality.

The Quick Repair tool helps in removing small imperfections such as scratches, pimples, or wrinkles by blending them with the surrounding pixels. TouchRetouch Mod APK is a powerful photo editing tool that allows users to remove unwanted elements from their images with ease. Its intuitive interface and effective editing tools make it a popular choice among both casual and professional photographers who want to enhance the quality of their photos or eliminate distractions to create more visually appealing compositions. Provide TouchRetouch Mod APK
TouchRetouch Mod APK provides premium features APK

What does TouchRetouch Mod Apk provide?

TouchRetouch Mod APK provides premium features of TouchRetouch APK:

Advanced object removal:

The TouchRetouch Mod app offers powerful tools to easily remove unwanted objects from your photos, such as people, blemishes, wires, signs, and more. It uses advanced algorithms to seamlessly fill in the gaps left by the removed objects, resulting in natural-looking images.

Quick Repair:

This feature allows you to fix minor imperfections in your photos with just a single tap. Whether it’s a small scratch, dust spot, or smudge, TouchRetouch can quickly analyze the surrounding area and intelligently repair the flaw, saving you time and effort.

Clone tool:

The app provides a clone tool that lets you duplicate and replicate parts of your image. You can use it to remove distractions by cloning nearby areas, or even create artistic effects by cloning and blending elements together.

Line Removal:

TouchRetouch Unlocked offers precise line removal capabilities, enabling you to erase power lines, telephone wires, and other linear objects from your photos. The app automatically detects and erases the lines while preserving the background details.

Object Replacement:

This premium feature allows you to replace objects in your photos with just a few taps. You can select a new object from your image gallery or choose from a range of pre-defined objects in the app. TouchRetouch seamlessly blends the new object into the scene for a realistic result.

Segment Remover:

With the segment remover tool, you can erase larger unwanted objects or areas from your photos. The app intelligently analyzes the image and removes the selected segment while preserving the surrounding details, resulting in a clean and polished photo.

Perspective Correction:

TouchRetouch helps you fix perspective distortion in your photos. Whether it’s correcting vertical or horizontal lines, or adjusting the perspective of buildings or structures, this feature allows you to make precise adjustments and align the elements in your image.

Image Reshape:

This premium feature lets you reshape and retouch elements in your photos. Whether you want to slim down a person, reshape facial features, or modify objects, TouchRetouch provides easy-to-use tools for precise adjustments.

Custom Brushes:

The app offers a selection of customizable brushes, allowing you to fine-tune your edits. You can adjust brush size, opacity, and hardness to achieve the desired effect while retouching your photos.

High-resolution support:

TouchRetouch supports high-resolution images, ensuring that you can work with your detailed photos without any loss of quality. Whether you’re editing photos captured with professional cameras or smartphones, the app maintains the image resolution for optimal results.

TouchRetouch Mod APK provides premium features of TouchRetouch APK

What’s New?

  • New advanced AI-powered tools for precise object removal.
  • Introducing a brand new Clone Stamp tool for seamless duplication of image elements.
  • Improved Healing Brush tool for smoother blemish and spot removal.
  • Added support for high-resolution images and larger file sizes.
  • Introducing a new selective blur tool for creating depth-of-field effects.
  • Improved algorithm for automatic object detection and selection.
  • Added new creative filters and effects for enhancing photos.
  • Expanded sharing options with direct integration to popular social media platforms.
  • Increased compatibility with the latest smartphone and tablet models.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements for a smoother editing process.

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