PhotoDirector Mod APK 18.2.2 Unlocked Download

PhotoDirector Information
Name PhotoDirector
Developed by Cyberlink Corp
Version 18.2.2
Languages English
Requirements Android 5.0+
Category HDR Effect, Photo Editor
App Pro Version Full Unlocked
Setup File Size 127.89 MB
Release Date Jul 10, 2023

Overview of PhotoDirector: AI Photo Editor

PhotoDirector, developed by CyberLink, is a well-known and widely used software for editing and managing photos. It caters to the needs of photographers and enthusiasts, PhotoDirector Mod APK offers a comprehensive array of tools and features to enhance, organize, and share digital images. Its user-friendly interface and advanced editing capabilities make it suitable for various editing requirements.

PhotoDirector is a comprehensive photo editing and management software that PhotoDirector: AI Photo Editor premium unlocked provides powerful tools and features for photographers and enthusiasts. Its intuitive interface and advanced capabilities make it a versatile solution for enhancing, organizing, and sharing digital images.

Supported Platforms:

PhotoDirector is available for both Windows and macOS operating systems and Android. PhotoDirector Mod APK offers a standalone version as well as a subscription-based model with additional cloud storage and other premium features.

Here are some premium key features of PhotoDirector:

Photo Editing:

PhotoDirector with Mod APK provides a robust set of tools and features to enhance and retouch images. It offers basic adjustments like exposure, contrast, white balance, and cropping, along with advanced tools such as curves, levels, and selective adjustments. The software also includes artistic presets and filters for applying creative effects to your photos.

Layers and Masks:

PhotoDirector supports working with layers and masks, allowing users to combine multiple images or elements and apply selective edits. This feature enables advanced editing techniques like blending, compositing, and creating photo montages.

Object Removal and Cloning:

With the Content-Aware Removal tool, users can easily remove unwanted objects or people from their photos. The Clone tool lets you duplicate or replicate areas of an image for seamless retouching.

Portrait Editing:

PhotoDirector Premium unlocked offers dedicated features for portrait editing, including skin smoothing, face retouching, wrinkle removal, teeth whitening, and red-eye removal. It also provides tools for enhancing eyes, lips, and other facial features.

AI-Powered Enhancements:

The software incorporates AI-powered tools to automatically enhance images. These features include AI Dehaze, AI Style Effects, and AI Portrait Enhancer, which apply intelligent adjustments to improve image quality, add artistic effects, and enhance portraits respectively.

Photo Management:

PhotoDirector Mod APK provides comprehensive organizational capabilities, allowing users to import, categorize, and tag their photos for easy browsing and searching. It also offers tools for batch renaming, metadata editing, and rating images to streamline the organization process.

Panorama and HDR Merge:

The software supports merging multiple photos to create stunning panoramas and high dynamic range (HDR) images. It aligns and blends the images seamlessly to produce a single, visually appealing result.

Sharing and Output:

PhotoDirector enables users to export their edited images in various formats, resolutions, and quality settings. It also provides direct sharing options to social media platforms, cloud storage services, and printing services.

Here are some premium key features of PhotoDirector
premium key features of PhotoDirector
premium key features provide PhotoDirector Mod APK

How to install and use PhotoDirector Mod APK, follow these steps:

Download PhotoDirector Mod APK: Download the Mod APK from the link below (for Android).

Install PhotoDirector: Once the download is complete, locate the installation file (Android for .apk, e.g., .exe for Windows or .dmg for macOS) and double-click on it to start the installation process.

Launch PhotoDirector: After the installation is complete, locate the PhotoDirector app icon and click on it to launch the program.

Import Photos: When PhotoDirector opens, you’ll be prompted to import photos. You can either import photos from your device’s local storage or connect to external devices like cameras or memory cards to import images. Use the on-screen instructions or menus to import your desired photos into PhotoDirector.

Explore the Interface: Familiarize yourself with the PhotoDirector interface. You’ll find various tools, panels, and options that allow you to edit and enhance your photos. The specific layout and features may vary slightly depending on the version and platform you’re using.

Edit Photos: Select a photo you want to edit from your imported library. PhotoDirector offers a wide range of editing features, including basic adjustments like cropping, rotating, and resizing, as well as advanced editing tools like color correction, retouching, effects, filters, and more. Explore the different editing options and experiment with them to enhance your photos.

Save or Export: Once you’re satisfied with your edits, you can save the edited photo within PhotoDirector’s library or export it to your desired location. Choose the appropriate save or export option, select the file format, quality, and other settings as per your preference, and save/export the photo.

Additional Features: It also provides features like collage creation, slideshow creation, face tagging, batch editing, and more. Explore these additional features to further enhance your experience with the software.

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