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Like4Like Apk Product Information
File name Like4Like Get FREE real Instagram likes
Created by Like4Like
File Size 57.2 MB
Version v0.0.5.5
Languages English, Deutsch, Español, Português and Русский
Requirements Android 5.0+
Release Date Jul 13, 2023

Overview of like4like Apk?

Like4like Apk is a system for exchanging “likes” or “followers” on social media, which enables users to earn “credits” by liking or following other users. These credits can then be used to promote their own social media profiles or pages by receiving likes and follows in return. Like4like is available on different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

It is commonly used by both individuals and businesses seeking to boost their online visibility and engagement. However, it is important to note that many social media platforms consider like4like to be a violation of their terms of service, and users who engage in such activities may face account suspension or termination.

How many likes can I get?

Would you like to know how many likes you can earn? For every, as you give, you’ll receive one like to spend. By keeping your Like4Like app running, it will automatically exchange likes with other users. You can withdraw your earned likes at any time.

Just to provide some perspective, there are users who have accumulated tens of thousands of likes throughout the years. Yes, you read that right! These individuals have over 100,000 likes that they can withdraw.

Automatically likes:

Automatically likes

All you need to do is activate the liking feature in your application and then relax. That’s all there is to it! By doing so, your account will become part of the Like4Like network, and you’ll start receiving free likes.

Free & real likes

Attracting likes from other users is a possibility, making your account appear equally appealing. However, we strictly prohibit the transfer of likes between accounts as we aim to encourage users to use their authentic accounts.

Like4Like is safe and secure

Safe and secure

If you grant permission for your Instagram account to be used within a Like4Like included app, rest assured that we will not retain your login details or any other confidential information. Your password will remain secure.

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How to Install Like4Like Apk?

  1. First, you download the app link below.
  2. Install the app and wait.
  3. Run the like4like app, and log in to the Instagram account.
  4. And just chill
  5. Enjoy! the Like4Like Apk.

Just for you Like4Like Apk

No Password | Enjoy


Using Like4Like, you can receive genuine likes from real Instagram users for free. By automatically liking other Like4Like users’ content, you can earn likes for your own posts. This software is completely free of charge, with no paywalls, hidden fees, or charges when withdrawing likes.

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