GIGL Mod APK 3.5.22 Premium Unlocked

GIGL APP Information
Developed by GIGL
Version v3.5.22
Languages English, Hindi, Marathi, Bangla, and Tamil
Requirements Android 4.2+
Category Books
Price Free
Total File Size 15.85MB
Release Date Jul 04, 2023

What is GIGL Mod APK?

GIGL Mod APK provides the best features that let you read E-books and watch video Summaries. You can also listen to audiobooks with lots of useful information and develop a reading habit with Ebooks. The GIGL mod app has cool features that make it even more interesting to use. Plus, you can listen to these Ebooks in both English and Hindi.

With the GIGL app, people can read and understand stories and e-books easily. It also has a feature where you can listen to them instead of reading, with just one click. GIGL Mod APK offers stories and e-books for people of all ages, whether you are old or young, everyone can enjoy the stories.

If you want to learn more and enjoy spending time reading or listening to various Ebooks and other informative content, try using this amazing GIGL Mod Apk. It has everything you need to keep yourself entertained and engaged.

Is GIGL APK Free on Google Play Store?

The normal GIGL app can be found on the Google App Store. You can get it without paying any money for your smart gadgets. However, some features are not free and need to be unlocked. The modified version of the app is not found on the app store. Instead, you have to download it from a website.

Why do people enjoy GIGL Apk Mod?

Many people prefer mod versions because they often have all the paid features and resources available for free. In the GIGL Mod version, you can get everything for free and unlocked.

GIGL Mod Apk Provides Premium Features

GIGL Mod Apk Provides Premium Features:

  1. Review
  2. E-Books
  3. Audio Books
  4. Video
  5. Language Option
  6. Categories
  7. Premium Membership Unlock
  8. All Books Unlock
  9. Ads Free

1): Review

You can also find reviews about books, some are good and some are bad, that people like to share for all the books available here. You can also leave your own reviews so that others can benefit from them.

2): E-Books

There are many e-books available, and they also have a short description of each book. This helps you save time and makes it easier for you to understand and enjoy the book.

3): Audio Books

This app has many audiobooks that you can listen to whenever you want. Nowadays, it’s hard to find time to read books. If you enjoy reading, you can pick from the audiobooks available in this app.

4): Video

This app has something special that people really like: summary videos. These videos make the app unique compared to other apps for audiobooks or e-books.

5): Language Option

This app also has a language option that makes it easier for you to understand things if you don’t know English well. You can choose the language in English, Hindi, Marathi, Bangla, and Tamil.

6): Categories

You can find lots of different types of books here, so you can read or listen to any book you like, no matter what kind of story it is. And the best part is, all the books here are free for you to enjoy!

7): Premium Membership Unlock

The best thing about this app is that you can use all the special features and stuff in the app without having to pay for a membership.

8): All Books Unlock

With this special feature of the app, you can open all books without needing to pay anything. You can access all the features that are currently locked in the regular app.

9): Ads Free

The GIGL Mod APK has an awesome feature that lets you enjoy your favorite stuff and read E-books without annoying ads or pop-ups. It means you can use the app without any breaks or stops.

GIGL Mod Apk Premium Features

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How to Download and Use GIGL Mod APK?

  • First, download the mod apk link below
  • Install the application and few minutes wait…
  • Then open the GIGL APP and click the Sign-Up option
  • Enter the Name, Email, and Password
  • Done😊 Enjoy!

If you don’t understand, you can watch the video.

Download Links

Just For You – Mod Setup

No Password| Enjoy


GIGL Mod Apk is an app from India that has books you can read or listen to on your phone. It has special features that other book apps don’t have. If you want to learn more and find cool information, you should get this special version of the app. In the newest GIGL Mod app, you can enjoy all the fancy features without having to pay for a membership or spend any money.

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