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What is Sitemap XML?

  • A Sitemap XML is a file that lists all the pages and content of a website and their relationship to each other. Helps Generate Sitemap XML, It is typically created in XML format and is used by search engines like Google to crawl and index the content on a website.
  • The sitemap file includes valuable information like the URLs of all pages on the website, their priority, the frequency of updates, and the last modification date. This information assists search engines in comprehending the website’s structure and content, allowing them to crawl and index it more efficiently.
  • Sitemaps are especially beneficial for large and intricate websites since they aid in the detection of any structural issues or errors that could affect search engine visibility. Additionally, they help ensure that all pages are discovered by search engines and that they are appropriately ranked in search results.

Why important is Sitemap for our website?

Sitemaps are an important tool for website owners and webmasters as they provide a detailed list of all the pages on a website, their organization, and the relationships between them. Here are some of the key reasons why sitemaps are important for your website:

  • Easier for Search Engines: Sitemaps help search engine scouts easily discover and list all the pages on your website. This is especially important for websites with lots of pages or changing content that might be hard to explore. 
  • By giving a clear and organized list of all your website pages, you can make it simpler for your website to be checked, which can raise how high it shows up in search results and get more people visiting.
  • Better for Visitors: Sitemaps help visitors quickly find the stuff they want on your website. This is super helpful for websites with tricky menus or lots of levels of content. 
  • By showing a clear and short overview of what’s on your website, you can help visitors get around your site better, find what they’re looking for, and make their time on your site better.
  • Understanding Your Website: Sitemaps give you useful info about how your website is set up. By checking your sitemap, you can find problems with your website’s organization, locate pages that are hard to find, and make your whole website better structured.

How to Generate Sitemap XML


Open google chrome and write the site map generator and press enter. open the first website put your website then click the generate XML button wait for a few minutes, and copy the XML code.


How to Generate sitemap XML


How to Generate sitemap XML

Paste the XML code in Custom robots.txt then click the save button


How to Generate sitemap XML

Click the Sitemaps button and write the sitemap.xml (Add a new sitemap) then press SUBMIT button and wait for a few minutes

Congratulations on adding your site’s sitemap to Google Search Console😊

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