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AppLock Apk Product Information
File name
AppLock Apk
Developed by
Android 4.0 +
Setup File Size
30.50 MB
Release Date
Jul 16, 2023

What is AppLock Apk

AppLock APK is a popular mobile application designed to enhance the privacy and security of your smartphone or tablet. It allows users to lock specific apps, settings, or files on their device, preventing unauthorized access by requiring a password, PIN, pattern, or biometric authentication (such as fingerprint or face recognition).

Premium Features of AppLock

Ad-free experience:

Premium versions of AppLock apps usually offer an ad-free environment, eliminating disruptive advertisements that may appear in the free version.

Advanced app locking:

Premium versions often provide additional options for locking apps beyond basic password or pattern locks. This can include fingerprint or facial recognition, PIN, or even more complex locking mechanisms.

Intruder detection:

Some premium AppLock apps offer intruder detection features. They can capture a photo of anyone attempting to unlock your apps with an incorrect password or pattern, providing you with a record of unauthorized access attempts.

Stealth mode:

Premium versions may allow you to hide the AppLock app itself from the app drawer or disguise it as a different app, providing an extra layer of privacy and preventing others from easily finding or tampering with the app.

App-specific settings:

Premium AppLock apps often allow you to set individual locking preferences for different apps. For example, you can set different passwords or locking methods for specific apps, granting you more control over the level of security for each application.

Break-in alerts:

This feature can send notifications or alerts to your device when someone tries to break into the protected apps, giving you real-time information about potential security breaches.

Advanced customization:

Premium versions may offer more customization options, such as the ability to change the app’s theme, background, or app icon, allowing you to personalize the AppLock app according to your preferences.

Secure vault:

Some premium AppLock apps include a secure vault feature, allowing you to encrypt and store sensitive files, photos, videos, or documents securely within the app.

Premium Features of AppLock app
AppLock Mod APK Premium Features of AppLock app

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How to install and use AppLock Premium Unlock​


  • Open the [] on your mobile device and pc.
  • Type “AppLock” in the search box and look for it.
  • When you find the app in the search results, just tap on it.
  • Click on the “Premium Setup link” button to get the app on your device. download and install the app on your device.

Setup and Usage:

Locate the AppLock app icon on your home screen or app drawer and tap on it to open the app.

On the initial setup screen, set a pattern, PIN, or password that you want to use to lock your apps.

Confirm your pattern, PIN, or password to proceed.

Grant the necessary permissions when prompted. AppLock requires certain permissions to function properly, such as access to usage data or device administrator privileges.

After granting permissions, you will see a list of apps installed on your device.

Tap the toggle switch next to each app to enable app locking for those apps.

You can also set different lock types for each app (pattern, PIN, or fingerprint) by tapping on the lock icon next to the app.

Once you’ve selected the apps to lock and set the desired lock types, exit the AppLock app.

To access your locked apps, simply launch them as you normally would.

You will be prompted to unlock the app using your pattern, PIN, or password that you set in AppLock.

Enter the correct pattern, PIN, or password to unlock the app and access its content.

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