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Adguard Information
Name Adguard
Developed by AdGuard
Version 7.11.3
Languages Multilingual
APK Activated
Total File Size 44.99MB
Release Date Jun 23, 2023

What is Adguard APK?

AdGuard Premium APK on their Android device, users can enhance their browsing experience with the elimination of ads, faster page loading times, and enhanced privacy and security features. AdGuard is a popular ad-blocking application for Android devices.

The AdGuard Mod APK is designed to block intrusive ads, prevent tracking, and protect users from malware and phishing attempts while browsing the internet on their Android devices.

AdGuard apk uses a combination of filters, including EasyList, to block ads on websites and in apps. It also offers additional features such as DNS filtering, which can block ads at the network level, and a firewall to enhance privacy and security.

The premium features of AdGuard Mod APK

Adguard Features

Ad Blocking:

AdGuard Premium mod apk blocks all types of ads, including banners, pop-ups, video ads, and interstitial ads, providing you with a seamless browsing experience.

Privacy Protection:

It protects your privacy by blocking online trackers and analytics systems that collect your data without your consent.

Safe Browsing:

AdGuard warns you about potentially malicious websites and blocks phishing attempts, ensuring your online safety.

App Management:

You can manage and control the permissions of installed apps, restrict access to certain resources, and block ads within apps.

Custom Filtering Rules:

AdGuard Premium mod apk allows you to create and apply custom filtering rules, giving you more control over what content is blocked or allowed.

Stealth Mode:

This feature enables you to hide your online presence and activities from trackers and other monitoring systems.

DNS Filtering:

Adguard Apk uses DNS filtering to block ads and malicious websites at the DNS level, providing faster and more efficient ad blocking.

Parental Control:

With AdGuard Premium, you can enable parental controls to restrict access to certain websites and content categories, ensuring a safer browsing experience for children.


It includes a firewall feature that allows you to block or allow specific apps from accessing the internet, enhancing your device’s security.

Filtering Log:

You can access a detailed log of blocked requests and filtering activities, providing transparency and insights into what content is being filtered.

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